A Woman's Diary of Pit Bulls, Dog Love and Dogfighting

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Pit bull embroidery funded by a grant from the Emory Center for Creativity & Arts.  

Jere’s embroidery on antique lace of a pit bull’s earnest warm face hangs in my living room by the front door, blessing the comings and goings of a multispecies household. Across the muzzle, the embroidered words ‘I give you my tomorrow’ gestate in my heart, tying me to the artist, the dogs, the scholarship, the projects, the times when grace can still flourish in hard lives, shredded lives. It is a grace to share stitched time in Jere’s humanimal worlds.
— Donna Haraway, Distinguished Professor Emerita, History of Consciousness Deptartment, UC Santa Cruz

The title is an homage to the dramatic poem Et les chiens se taisaient written in 1946 by Aimé Césaire.